Septic Tank Treatment

System Balance

When functioning properly, household wastes are collected n your septic tank and then broken down, liquefied, and deodorized by natural occurring bacteria. Because this process is biological, it is easily upset and may stop working.

Septic Klean 3

Septic Klean 3 restores the natural biological process and boosts any existing biological process. Following regular monthly applications will keep your septic tank working effectively, prevent expensive emergencies, and help prevent early or additional pumping costs.

Easy To Use

Using Septic Klean 3 is simple... Just drop in the convenient pre-packaged, pre-mesaured pouches into your lavatory bowl and flush. The plastic pouches are specially designed to dissolve away so you don'[t have to handle the powder. No fuss, no bother, no effort!

Maintenance Info


You should have your septic tank(s) cleaned every 3 years. This preventative maintenance schedule will help keep your drainfield and septic tank in good working condition.

If you are experiencing backups, slowness in your drains, or hearing gurgling noises, it is not normal and is usually caused by one of the following: a line is beginning to clog, failing drainfield, excessive solid buildup in your septic tank, or a failed lift pump. It is in your best interest to have any problem checked immediately to prevent further serious damage from occuring. In most cases, our experienced service technician will be able to determine the problem by pumping the septic tank(s).

Warning Signs
  • Drainage in the home is sluggish
  • Backups in plumbing
  • Gurgling sound coming from pipes and drains
  • Odor outdoors
  • In septic system area, greener grass, mushy ground, or waste water surfacing/pooling in yard
Cause of Failures
  • Improper placement – placed in area of poor drainage
  • Improper installation – installed contrary to septic codes
  • Overloading – use water in moderation. Wash only full loads during off-peak times if possible. Do not flush down drains: kitchen grease, cigarette butts, baby wipes, feminine products, contraceptive devices, or other inorganic material
  • Garbage disposals – ground up food stuff is particularly hard on the septic system because they are not first digested by the human body. Any septic system which must deal with this would benefit from additional bacterial additive.
  • Water softeners – chemicals and salts damage the septic tank.